USFWS Releases Northern Long-Eared Bat Guidance

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The US Fish & Wildlife Service has proposed  that the northern long-eared bat (Myotis septentrionalis) be listed as endangered.  On October 2, 2013, their recommendation for listing the northern long-eared bat as endangered throughout its range under the Endangered Species Act was published in the Federal Register.   More recently, the USFWS published a planning document,  Northern Long-Eared Bat Interim Conference and Planning Guidance (January 6, 2014).  The guidance document addresses immediate information needs for section 7 conferences and conservation planning.  It includes a comparison of the northern long-eared and Indian bats; as well as interim presence/absence survey technique.


Northern long-eared bat, Myotis Septentrionalis


Northern long-eared bat range.

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