About us

In November of 1996, Robert Rinella established Specialized Ecological Services as an independent consultancy.  From the beginning, our corporate vision has been relatively simple:  quality environmental science, economic sensibility, and thorough treatment of the subject.  With this foundation, we have built a satisfied customer base who knows they can count on us when they have environmental questions.

Mr. Rinella’s first project was to design a storm water treatment wetland for the City of Topeka, Kansas.  With nearly 18 years under the proverbial bridge, Specialized Ecological Services now serves clients throughout the mid-west as well as a few on the east coast. Peruse our Portfolio and see how we have assisted with projects like yours.

We focus on building solid business relationships. Give us a chance and we will:

  • earn your trust,
  • demonstrate our ability, and
  • become your single-source environmental service provider.