Specialized Ecological Services does not try to be all things environmental to our clients. We focus on the things we know and we do them very well. We do not exaggerate our ability. Rather, we hope that by maintaining a manageable portfolio of services, we can remain true to our original corporate vision. So what then, do we do?

Muck-filled, foul-smelling, mosquito-infested wetlands…we love ‘em! For us, there is no better place to be than out in the swampy mire getting eaten by bugs. Our extensive understanding of wetland law and regulation, combined with our years of muddy field experience will prove invaluable when you need wetland delineation and permitting. Specialized Ecological Services can also design and monitor mitigation wetlands to insure compliance with state and federal wetland laws.

Let us do your dirty… or rather, “muddy” work!

Once covering vast portions of the US, prairies are now among the nation’s most rare natural ecosystems. Native ecosystems can be difficult to establish, and yet, they offer an excellent value for long-term maintenance costs, fertilizer and soil amendment needs, and resistance to natural weather conditions. Specialized Ecological Services custom designs seed mixes to fit your restoration site and intended purposes. We can help restore the type of prairie Lewis & Clark first saw or simply design a maintenance-free cap for your sanitary landfill. We have comprehensive expertise in native prairie seed mixes, planting, monitoring, and controlled burn techniques. We can also integrate knowledge of wildlife biology to develop a holistic native ecosystem. With the right mix of native grasses and forbs, your site will be ecologically friendly and economically efficient.

Plants & Animals (including endangered species survey)
If they’re there, we will find ‘em! Whether you need to know the impact of adjusting a NPDES permit on a local waterway or you just want to comply with protected species regulations, we can help. We perform a rigorous investigation to account for the plants and animals affected by your project and insure your project’s protection from violating state and Federal law.

Threatened and endangered species protection typically involves both state and federal regulations and agency personnel. Specialized Ecological Services has a thorough working knowledge of endangered species survey, habitat assessment, and research techniques. We have worked with the laws and we know the people.

Environmental Planning
Specialized Ecological Services can bring together an interdisciplinary team to accurately weigh your alternatives and assess environmental impacts. We are familiar with the laws and agencies governing environmental concerns. Specialized Ecological Services has the experience and background required to balance the varied, and sometimes conflicting, issues of environmental initiatives. This service allows you to witness our inter-personal soft skills and report-writing prowess.

Whether you are planning a simple property acquisition requiring a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment or a more complex, federally-funded action requiring a NEPA Environmental Assessment, Specialized Ecological Services will champion your project and facilitate its completion – on time, within budget. .

Water Quality Studies
NPDES permitting projects typically involve water quality sampling, aquatic biota inventory, BMP recommendation, and possible alternative water quality standards. Specialized Ecological Services has successful project experience and an in-depth knowledge of bio-geo-chemical and ecological processes